Noida Contractor Painting Service

We are commercial painting contractor and provide the services of painting of interior and exterior of a house, commercial building, industrial building, etc. Our painters are specialized in their task and provide good result. The competitive pricing that we provide will help the customers to paint their houses in a cost-effective manner. The types of painters available with us are mentioned here.

Types of painters

We have three types of professional painters who do different types of work.
Construction painters: They paint the exterior and interior of a building whether it is residential, commercial or industrial building. They paint walls and ceilings of the new buildings.
Maintenance painters: They remove old paints and give a new finishing touch to the buildings. These painters also paint industrial structures, like bridges in order to prevent corrosion and damage.
Artisan painters: These painters provide artistic finish by applying decorative techniques. They add glaze and texture to the painted walls to make them look beautiful. Other things that they do include rag rolling, sponging, distressing, etc.

Our duties

Before starting the paint process, we make a plan after taking the requirement of the client into consideration. We make the estimate of time to complete the work. Along with this, we let the client know about the material to be used and their cost so that if any changes are to be made, we can do it initially to avoid problems in future.
In order to provide a good finish, we first fill holes and cracks with plaster and if needed we also do whitewash. We also remove the old paint and then use a primer before painting. We check that if the old paint is good, we use abrasive material to clean it so that new paint can be applied.
In order to give a suitable finish, we give several coats of paint. The first coat is done on the primer and after it dries up one or more coats are applied. We also supervise the workers so that they could work as per the instructions of the client and come out with a good finish.