Noida Contractor Renovation

Renovating a house means plastering, painting, demolishing a part of the house or a building and construct something else and many such things. We provide the services of renovating full or a part of a house or building as per the demand of the customer. We provide various types of renovating services at a reasonable rate and our experts renovate the house or building in minimum possible time. Here are the services that we provide to our customers.

Planning the renovation

A customer can ask for the renovation of whole or only a part of a house. We plan the project in such a way that the work is done to the full satisfaction of the customer. The customer can ask for repairing the roof, painting the house whether interior, exterior, or both, repairing or constructing new cupboards for kitchen, and other rooms for the house, etc.

Repairing the roof

A customer can ask for roof repair because of leakage or some other issues. Our expert can renovate the roof to prevent water leakage.

Demolishing and new construction

There can be some things which are built during the construction but are either useless or are very small. The customers can ask for demolition of such construction and build a new one. They can also ask for expanding the size of a room to make it large.

Carpentry work

The wooden items of the house like cupboards, doors, windows, ventilator, Modular Kitchen, etc. get damaged with the time. They are also damaged due to constant use or due to termites. We provide the services of repairing the wooden work and if needed we replace it with the new one if the customer instructs us for this. We always try to save money of the customer so if renovation can increase the life of wooden items, we suggest the customers for it rather than replacing it.

Electrical and plumbing work

We have contact with the electricians and plumbers so that if a customer wants to repair any plumbing or electrical work, he can contact us. There can be damage to wiring or plumbing pipes, which can be dangerous so renovation is needed to repair these faults.